So many AFK players in Destiny Strikes


So I’ve started playing Destiny here and there again, and I’m still getting frustrating by a very annoying occurrence that happens way too often. Three times since this weekend I’ve gotten into matchmade strikes only to find that one of the three players is just standing still, refusing to move (or just outright “AFK”). This makes some of the strikes more cumbersome than they should be and it’s certainly not fair to the other two players.

Each time I make sure I report the player in Destiny and also through Xbox One, and I’ll usually send them a message as well (and block them of course). It’s infuriating to constantly run into these worthless, unsporting players in strikes. I wish Bungie would add a way to vote to kick players from matchmade events, and I wish AFK players would be automatically penalized for refusing to play the game (why bother even trying).

Anyway..I guess I’ll have to find a group of players to join up with, but I’ve only just hit level 24 today so I’m a bit behind the curve.

How do you deal with AFK players?

How to play local multiplayer on Tetris Ultimate (video)

I posted awhile back explaining how to play local multiplayer on Tetris Ultimate on the Xbox One, and now I figured I’d add a how to video to make it even simpler.

The game doesn’t explain how to add additional local players at all, so it took me awhile to figure it out at first. Basically the second player needs to login and then they need to push ‘A’ to be added to the local party. Hope this helps you out if you were confused!

You can now watch Netflix through Dish Network’s Hopper

I recorded this video the other week and just got around to uploading it. In it I take a look at the new Netflix app that’s available on Dish Network’s Hopper. The app is a convenient way for many to access Netflix if they don’t already have a way of using the service (such as a Roku, Chromecast, smart TV or video game console).

Amazon Prime is $72, today only!

Amazon Prime $72

I just found out about an awesome discount on Amazon Prime, effective today (24 January) only! To celebrate Amazon’s seriesĀ Transparent winning two Golden Globes they’ve discounted the price of an Amazon Prime subscription to $72 from the usual $99. This $27 discount is a great deal for an incredible service.

I usually sign up for free trials of Prime when I can (especially around Christmas), however this marks the first time I’ve committed to an entire year of the service. The free two day shipping is awesome (and addictive!) but you also get access to Amazon’s video and music streaming services, which are pretty cool as well.

Head over to Amazon to take advantage of this discount while it lasts!

Worth watching: ‘Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V’

The REACT channel has quickly become one of my favorites on YouTube. With over 3 million subscribers and over 180 million views, REACT features videos where kids, teens, YouTubers and elders react to various subjects (videos, movies, video games, etc.). Their videos are quite hilarious, and their ‘Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V’ video released this week is no different.

Watch as the elderly let out their inner anarchists and laugh with joy as they mow down innocent civilians. Love it!