Loot Crate, October 2012

Just received my October LootCrate yesterday, and here’s a quick look at what’s inside:


This month’s Halloween themed LootCrate included a nice Diablo III shirt, zombie jerky, zombie ‘pea brains’, a zombie hunter dog tag, a ‘health / love potion’, vampire teeth, some zombie buttons and a membership card (don’t believe I’m forgetting anything).

Pretty nice bit of loot this month. Like what you see? Sign up for LootCrate (LootCrate.com), a subscription ‘goodie box’ service. For just under $20 a month (which is including shipping) you’ll get a box filled with geeky / nerdy goodies each month.

I also wanted to share the video below by TobyTurner supporting LootCrate. I love Toby, and think it’s cool that Loot Crate chose him to advertise their product.

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Penn State grad (English, 2010) who enjoys video games and is currently serving in the USAF.
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