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I learned about LootCrate from a Chris Pirillo video and it seems like it’s pretty cool. You can watch him unbox his lootcrate below (The unboxing starts at 28:29. Tried to link to that time but it didn’t seem to … Continue reading

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iTunes University

I’ve recently gotten addicted to “attending” college courses via iTunes U. With iTunes U you can watch or listen to lectures from various colleges around the world, and some courses are even supplemented with assignments and notes. My favorite so … Continue reading

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I no longer use physical media

A year ago if I wanted a movie I’d go to the store and buy the blu ray, or if I wanted a video game I’d go to Gamestop and buy the disc. I had already given up CDs as … Continue reading

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Online backup

I’ve been realizing lately just how much of my life lives on this laptop. Music, videos, pictures, documents, all valuable data some of which is unique and might not be able to be recovered should something happen to my laptop. … Continue reading

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Want to still use Wikipedia?

So Wikipedia has begun its 24 hour blackout to protest the anti-piracy / internet censorship bill SOPA which is cool and all, but we all want to be able to use Wikipedia, right? Well if you find yourself in need … Continue reading

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