Looking for a The Old Republic podcast?

If you’re into Star Wars: The Old Republic and want a great podcast to listen to that will inform you, entertain you, and give you a SWTOR fix while you’re at work or on the road, then I recommend you listen to The Instance: The Old Republic edition hosted by Scott Johnson the host of the World of Warcraft podcast, The Instance. Both podcasts are incredibly well done, and all of the hosts are experienced, knowledgeable and entertaining every week. I highly recommend you give it a listen, and like me you’ll be hooked within minutes.


Star Wars: The Old Republic, my first instance (flashpoint)

So yesterday I managed to complete my first instance (called flashpoints) in The Old Republic. It was the Chamber of Speech, a 2 man instance on Tython. It was pretty quick, and pretty easy. I’d say it took about 15 minutes in all to get to the story point, complete it, and kill the ‘boss’ (I believe they’re called champions) that isn’t required (he’s off to the side of the story point). Unlike World of Warcraft, where you complete an instance by killing all of the bosses, this flashpoint is complete when you turn the quest back  in (so there’s no ‘dungeon complete pop-up or anything, and no bonus experience).

The way Star Wars handles the story in a flashpoint is kind of cool. When you get to a part that requires you to select dialog options each person in the group will choose an option and then the game conducts a roll for each person and whoever has the highest roll has their choice used for the entire group. This adds some spice to working with a group as other people may be playing the game differently from you (i.e. dark side). (I believe if you chose a light side choice you still get light side points even if the dark side option is chosen for the group, can’t confirm this though).

I have yet to run any other flashpoints, but I’m hoping they’ll start to provide more challenge and continue to be enjoyable.

I’ll continue to post my experiences with SWTOR in the future. See you soon.

Does product placement bother you?

Last weekend I went to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and the product placement in the movie made itself evident rather quickly. Tom Cruise’s character uses an iPad as a gadget and the iPad gets plenty of focus in the scenes it’s involved in. Carrying around an iPad didn’t even seem practical in the situation, but there it is. Furthermore all of the characters in the movie use iPhones and Macbooks. You’d have to look pretty hard to see an electronic device without an Apple logo on it in the movie.

What’s interesting is if you go back and watch the original Mission Impossible, released in the 90’s, you can’t find any obvious product placement. All of the electronic devices are just there, they’re not particularly branded and if they are they don’t pop out of the screen at you and scream in your face like they do in Ghost Protocol.

I love Apple products myself, but the movie just seemed to take it overboard. If I’m out on some dangerous mission, I’m not going to be running around with an iPad, I’d be using a smaller, more efficient high tech device. But hey, I’m sure Apple paid good money to make you aware you can run around doing spy stuff with an iPad.

Product placement is here to stay, that’s for sure. Morgan Spurlock created a documentary funded entirely by product placement called The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. I haven’t watched it yet, but it seems like an interesting idea and it could possibly shed some light on just how product placement can effect a movie.

Thinks of this, if Apple is paying to get the iPad into Ghost Protocol, could they write in a scene where the iPad gets dropped and broken? Probably not. You have to keep it shiny and new, even with bullets flying.

So what’s your take on it all?

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Hello there

I thought I’d give this WordPress thing a try, so here I am. I’m 24, I have a BA in English and am currently in tech school in the United States Air Force for avionics. I’m lucky enough to get paid to go to school and have some time here and there to play video games. I’m currently home over Christmas exodus which is nice.

I’m mainly an Xbox 360 gamer, but I also play iPhone games and a handful of PC games (mainly MMORPGs). Right now I’m into Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, and RAGE.

Anyway I hope to update this blog as time permits.