RAGE co-op delight

I never paid much attention to the iD (Quake, DOOM) / Bethesda  (The Elder Scrolls, Fallout) title RAGE until I kept seeing the trailer which uses A Perfect Circle’s “Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of War Drums” at Gamestop. This trailer got my blood pumping and my moth salivating for the game, so I picked it up for $35 used. I played around in the singleplayer for a bit before I got distracted by Skyrim and Star Wars The Old Republic and I enjoyed it then but the game has honestly sat on my shelf for awhile getting no play time.

Today a buddy of mine happened to drop by and he wanted to check out RAGE and saw that it was co-op and asked to fire it up (I didn’t even know it had co-op) so we did. We played through two of the co-op missions (they are separate from the singleplayer story) and I have to say I’m again impressed and surprised by RAGE. The missions are really well done and quite entertaining, the guns and weapons are all a blast and the game looks really good.

I know can’t wait to get back into the singleplayer and continue the co-op missions. If you haven’t checked out RAGE yet, I highly recommend giving it a try. I’ have to reconsider my 2011 game of the year list (assuming I were to make an actual list) and fit RAGE in there. Great stuff.

RAGE is currently $26.99 (used) from Gamestop, $29.99 as a download through STEAM or $27.58 (new) on Amazon (Xbox 360) (It’s similarly priced for the PS3, and $21 for the PC (physical copy).


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