Turtle Beach X12

While I was home for Christmas exodus I picked up the Turtle Beach X12 headphones.

While I liked the sleek look of Triton headphones better, I’m still glad I purchased these. What really convinced me was the fact that they can be used on the Xbox 360 as well as the PC so now I can play Star Wars: The Old Republic with some nice sound (rather than through my laptop speakers) and also play at night without disturbing my roommate.

They sound pretty good, really the only complaint I have is that the microphone is really sensitive. When I was playing Modern Warfare 3 with other people talking in the room the entire conversation in the room was being broadcast. In my dorm room this isn’t an issue, but it might be for those gaming in noisy areas.

For $60 these do exactly what I need. They allow me to play Xbox without any sound coming from the TV (again ideal for those living with roommates) which was my main reason for buying a gaming headset. They’re also pretty comfortable for moderate gaming sessions, but I’d assume they could start to become uncomfortable during longer sessions (I haven’t really experienced this though).

Good bu, definitely recommended.



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