My favorite YouTube content creators


Today I want to share with you some of my favorite YouTube content creators, or channels.

First off there’s NicePeter, best known for his Epic Rap Battles of History videos. These videos are witty, catchy and downright hilarious. The production values are high and the actors / rappers (Nice Peter and EpicLLoyd) are energetic and fun to watch. Here’s one of my favorite rap battles:

Next up is Nicepeter’s collaborator, EpicLloyd. He has fewer videos than NicePeter, but his Dis Raps for Hire series seems promising, and his rap song about chess (“Pawn”, posted on this blog previously) is entertaining and catchy as well. The following is the first Dis Raps for Hire video…The third video in the series should be on the way soon.

RoosterTeeth’s Red vs Blue series is a Halo machinima that just about everyone knows about. 9 seasons are available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, and as an internet classic it is definitely worth checking out. It’s hard to pick an episode to represent the entire series as it’s changed and matured over the years, but a classic from season one follows:

Last, but not least, are the videos of Chris Pirillo. If you watched TechTV at all before it downgraded into G4, you might remember Chris as a host of Call 4 Help. His LockerGnome videos are often thought provoking and informative, or just downright nerdy and entertaining. He’s definitely someone you should follow if you’re into tech. He hosts lengthy live shows (one of which is embedded below) but he often chops these longer episodes up into shorter topics and posts those as well. You’ll also notice Chris is quite prolific with over 4,000 videos uploaded to YouTube.

So now that you know what I’m into, I’d like to know what you’re into. What videos do you watch on a daily, weekly, or otherwise regular basis? What content creators do you recommend?



  1. dizzidia · February 12, 2012

    Hey! Just scrolling through, how do you insert videos into your blog? o:

    • jdh5153 · February 12, 2012

      When you’re on the add new post screen you’ll see ‘upload/Insert’ right above the post box and click on the add media icon. From there you’ll find a tab that says from URL and then you can click the ‘audio / video’ button and post in the link.

      Or you can get the HTML code from a YouTube video (click share and it should give you the HTML) and enter HTML mode in the editor, paste the code ,and go back to the regular mode to add text.

      • Dizzi · February 12, 2012

        Ohh! Okay thanks so much, you’re so helpful 😀

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