Listening to lately: Natalia Kills and Neon Hitch

Lately I’ve been finding myself looking for some pop music, specifically something similar to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, two of the few pop artists I actually enjoy. I’ve found two artists who fit my requirements perfectly.

First up is Natalia Kills, a 25 year old English singer. Her first album, Perfectionist, debuted in 2011 and it’s a thrill to listen to. She has a voice and sound very similar to that of Katy Perry and even Lady Gaga at times, with catchy choruses over bubbly, energetic and catchy background music. The song “Kill my Boyfriend” is a strange mix of dark lyrics over an upbeat, happy keyboard track. The song “Zombie” with its autotune vocals sounds a lot like a Kanye West song and is very addicting to listen to. “Mirrors” which is produced and partially written by Akon sounds a lot like something Lady Gaga would sing, but it’s still very much an original song and one of my favorites from the album. I would definitely recommend you give Natalia Kills a listen, you won’t regret it.

Next up is Neon Hitch, another 25 year old British pop artist who I think will become very popular in America. Her debut album is due out sometime early this year and the debut single “Fuck U Betta” is available on iTunes now. Her voice is addicting and the song is provocative and hard to get out of your head. With the lyrics, “She’s prettier than I’ll ever be, got yourself a beauty queen, but there’s one thing I’ve got to say, she can fuck you good…..But I can fuck you betta” the song is sort of a break up song but the speaker is confident in herself and happy. It’s not necessarily ‘screw you’, it’s more ‘good for you, but I’m better and I know it’. The song is catchy and I can’t wait for a music video.


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