Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D

The first of the planned six 3D re-releases of Star Wars films hit theaters yesterday. Star Wars fans and moviegoers in general are pretty split on what they think of the re-releases. There are those who hate The Phantom Menace outright and claim they wouldn’t see the movie again if you paid them, there are those who think 3D re-release are pointless in general (several more are on the way including Titantic 3D and The Lion King 3D) and then there are those who are actually excited for them.

I’d have to say I’m excited for the re-releases, even the prequels. I haven’t watched the prequel trilogy since episode III came out on DVD so I’ve been wanting to watch them again anyway, and what better way than a movie theater with the added bonus of 3D? (Of course this added bonus comes with a $3 surcharge).

I’ll be sure to report in with whether I think it was worth it or not. I think it will be. As you can see below, I’m dressed for the occasion.



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