Phantom Menace 3D follow up

So I got back from seeing Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D and thought I’d share my thoughts. The 3D adds a little bit of depth to the movie, but the movie wasn’t designed specifically for 3D so there’s not a whole lot to it. Nothing really pops out at you, and even the pod racing scene doesn’t feel all that different in 3D.

That said, I still enjoyed the movie and liked watching it with an audience. There were a lot of young kids in the audience and it was cool because maybe it was their first experience with Star Wars. They laughed at Jar Jar Binks, and I even found myself not minding him as much and laughing along. I enjoyed the movie and am glad I went.

I also got to see the new Spider-Man trailer in 3D which was pretty cool, but it seems weird seeing Eduardo Saverin as Spider-Man. I also saw the trailer for Paranorman the new movie by the people who made Coraline which looks pretty awesome.



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  1. Taylor J. · February 14, 2012

    I had some fun watching The Phantom Menace in 3D. I spoke a bit about it at The Self Esteem Fund, basically having the same notes you did on the 3D.

    I, however, LAMENTED that these children’s first (as far as we know) encounter with Star Wars is Episode I, and probably even The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. If you read enough on my blog, you’ll see that I HATE the prequels. But, I’m glad your time at the theater wasn’t in agony, spent trying to choke Jar Jar like I was.

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