Amp Energy’s new design

So I head to the mini mall this morning to grab some Amp on this dreary, rainy day and I find this:

Amp has always been one of my favorite energy drinks and luckily Amp Boost (original) as it’s now called still tastes the same and I assume the ingredients are the same (142mg caffeine per 16oz can). I just really do not like this new can. The light green color just looks weird to me. They’ve made the change to differentiate between two new types of Amp as described on the can: Amp Active (Energize and Hydrate) and Amp Focus (Keep you Edge), while Boost is the original Amp (With B-vitamins to help kick you into high gear).

I haven’t seen the other two types of Amp yet, but I can’t say they’ll appeal to me. I’ve never been a fan of watered down ‘hydration’ energy drinks, though athletes might be. As for focus, isn’t that what the blue Amp is for?

I haven’t seen a change in design on any of the other Amp varieties yet. Ultimately the yellow (lightning I believe) and red are my favorites so for now at least I wont have to look at an ugly new can when I drink those.


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