Kindle Fire $139 today only

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is on sale for $139 (refurbished but with a one year warranty included). The regular refurbished price is $169 (which it will return to tomorrow) and a new Fire is $199.

The Fire is an incredibly capable tablet that is affordable and can do a lot of what a $600 iPad can do. The Fire is great for reading books, but it does so much more than that. The Amazon video store is convenient and affordable. Most new release movies can be rented for a 48 hour period for $3.99 (or $4.99 in HD which looks amazing on the Fire). When you rent a movie you can choose to stream it or download it to your device, and the rental period starts when you begin watching it. If you choose to stream it you can start on the Kindle and continue on your PC or vice versa. It should be noted that there are plenty of movies available for $2.99 and under as well.

The Fire has plenty of apps available as well including Netflix and Hulu which also work great on the device. Android apps can be purchased for the Kindle through the Amazon app store and most will work on the Kindle (all that I have tried have worked so far) however there are certain apps that are optimized for the Fire (which will say so in their names) such as Angry Birds Space HD. These optimized / HD apps look great and function smoothly on the Kindle Fire.

The Fire’s web browser functions well and it has one advantage over Apple devices as it can play Flash video.

I’ve had a Fire for about two weeks and have no regrets. I’ve enjoyed reading books and magazines on it and watching movies both through Amazon’s video store and Netflix. Definitely worth the purchase and it’s hard to pass it up for $139.


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