Getting back into Red vs Blue

I’ve loved the “popular web series Red vs Blue” for many years, but I’ll admit it sort of got pushed to the background over the last year or so. This past week the teaser trailer for Season 10 (which begins next month) made me realize a lot has happened that I missed. The last complete season that I watched was season 7, so there are two entire seasons that I missed.

Over the last few days I watched all of season 8 and I have to say it was quite enjoyable. It was as funny as ever but they also added a lot more action to the plot which makes it enjoyable to watch and there’s a sense of mystery in the story that compels you to keep watching episode after episode to figure out what’s going on.

I’m 6 episodes into Season 9 right now and so far it’s even better than 8. There’s a lot more action (which are fully animated and look awesome), it looks great in HD and so far there are plenty of references to the earlier seasons of RvB which make for great laughs.

For $10 every 6 months you can become a sponsor, and it’s well worth it. Sponsors get access to new episodes early, there are exclusive videos for sponsors, and sponsors can download episodes of their favorite shows (Rooster Teeth has several web series in addition to Red vs Blue). I highly recommend becoming a sponsor and helping RT continue to make great web content.


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