Gaming update

As I think of something more relevant to write about, I figured I’d follow up on some previous posts. Since beating Diablo III on Normal I haven’t played it once. Well I continued on and played the first few quests of Act I on the next difficulty, but it was so repetitive and boring I gave it up. I never found cool gear, never had the gold to guy gear in the auction house, never had the desire to ‘grind’ for gold and gear (that’s not playing a game in my eyes) and certainly will never spend real money on in game items, so yeah. Diablo III was a pretty big waste of money for me.

Also I sold the Wii I bought from eBay on eBay for $80 (included 2 games and a new controller, so in the end I lost a good $50…). Never really used the Wii after the first week and wanted some extra money for gas, so that’s that.

In other news the next game I buy will be Madden 13 which will hold me over until Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 come around. Those will likely be the only games I buy for the rest of the year. Exciting, I know.



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