What if your wallpaper was digital?

So I had a random thought tonight and I figured I’d just run with it. What if there was wallpaper that was actually a think, digital, HD screen that covered the walls in the rooms of your house. And let’s say this wallpaper can connect to your computer via WiFi.

Now on your computer there’s a program in which you can enter any room in your house and click on a wall and ‘drag and drop’ designs, posters, and pictures that would all instantly appear on that wall in your house. You could change the color of your walls depending on your mood. You could change any picture ‘hanging’ on your wall whenever you felt like it. You could make ‘posters’ and drag them wherever you please. You could decorate for the holidays with ease.

How cool would it be to drag something from your computer screen and drop it onto a wall? A picture, or a movie even. Having a party? Project the iTunes visualizer onto your walls. Why not?

You’ve seen it in Sci-Fi movies. Walls that reflect the weather outside, or different scenes of nature (or cityscapes). When will it be coming to your home?

You could use projectors, but I think a thin sheet like fabric would be cool. And it should adjust to the light levels in the room as necessary and of course it should be able to be dimmed or shut off while sleeping.

So anyway, just a random train of thought I had tonight in my fatigued state. A guy can dream.


One comment

  1. rainmaker97 · September 28, 2012

    Reminds me of Fahrenheit 451.

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