Goodbye Microsoft Points? Not so fast.

It’s being reported (CNET) that Microsoft Points are being replaced by real currency…But don’t get too excited, as the change will apparently only take place for the Windows 8 store and not on the Xbox. I suppose it’s a step in the right direction, however it’d be happier news if MS points were disappearing across the board. The point system is odd (ex. 400 points = $5, if you don’t know, and they sell points in sets of 400 ($5), 800 ($10), 1600 ($20) and on from there) and I’ve always found myself with an odd 50-150 points left over with nothing to spend them on. Of course this works out in Microsoft’s favor, when say something costs 1000 points, and you have to purchase 1200 points for $15 in order to receive your content. Now you have 200 points leftover which you can pretty much only spend on avatar clothing or maybe a song in the Zune store.

Let’s hope there’s more to the story as the third generation Xbox gets closer to release.


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