Kindle Fire HD on the way

So I had sold my old laptop and Kindle Fire and was planning to use the money to purchase an iPad, however after playing with the Kindle Fire HD I found myself hooked. I loved the first generation Kindle Fire, even though at times it felt limited (especially in the app department). The Fire HD looks incredibly sexy, and I like the ease of accessing my various content in the Kindle environment. Unfortunately only the 7″ 16gb model is currently available. The 7″ 32gb model ships in a little more than a week, and 32gb would be a welcome upgrade, but I’ll settle for 16 which is still twice the size of the first generation Kindle Fire (and the second generation Kindle Fire which also has only 8gb of storage).

I’ll post ‘unboxing’ photos (maybe video) and my first impressions throughout the weekend.


One comment

  1. iamgcg · October 11, 2012

    I was really considering nabbing one of these because they look amazing. I really dig the interface and the storage and price is perfect! But with the wait and such, I was in need of a tablet now and I grabbed a 16gb New Ipad. I figured I have TONS of apps on the app store already and I could just use them on there. But I REALLY wanted a Kindle Fire HD sooooo bad 😦

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