Why an always connected Xbox wouldn’t be that bad



A lot of people think the idea of an always connected console is a bad thing. They’re worried about DRM, being able to play offline and who knows what else. But in reality aren’t most devices ‘always on’ these days? Do you ever turn your computer off? I don’t. Do you ever turn your tablet or phone off? I doubt it. And these devices are most likely always connected to the internet as well (at least in the home).

An always online Xbox is a huge step forward. An Xbox not connected to the internet / Xbox Live is a very limited and nearly useless machine. The Xbox Live experience makes gaming a much better experience.

What I want from the next Xbox is live tiles.



If there’s one thing I LOVE about Windows 8, it’s live tiles. It’s a really cool concept for a homescreen. You can see your e-mails, Twitter and Facebook feeds at a glance. You have the weather forecast, sports scores and news headlines constantly scrolling on your start screen.

Imagine the next Xbox, always on. Just leave your TV on and you can see all this information in front of you or in the background. Imagine it having the snap screen feature, where you can open an app and snap it next to another app…..Watch TV on one side and play Call of Duty on the other side during commercials (simply ‘click’ the screen to bring it full screen).

The ESPN and MLB.tv apps already offer a glimpse of this. The ESPN app will show videos in the upper left corner which you can bring full screen or search through more highlights, news or live feeds using the rest of the screen. MLB.tv functions very similarly with the latest update.

This is exactly what Microsoft wants the next Xbox to be, an always on, always connected media device feeding you news (and advertisements of course) throughout the day. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a convenient thing.

I barely turn my Xbox off now, but the current homescreen is rather boring. A Windows 8 style live tile interface would be much more useful.


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  1. Ocarina of Time Nerd · April 4, 2013

    A valid argument, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that an xbox that isn’t connected is “useless.” Although the Xbox 360 isn’t only used to play video games, it is the key function of the console, is it not? Xbox live is an amazing medium through which people can stay connected and play games together, but we’ve neglected the concept of a game with a great single player story. I’m playing the first Bioshock right now and I cannot believe how wonderful this game is, especially considering it came out in 2007. It is an incredible game that doesn’t require any online capability whatsoever, which is reminiscent of the old school consoles that had to rely on sheer gameplay rather than other functions. Although I would hate not having online capability, I wouldn’t say the xbox is useless without it! Regardless, I love what you have to say! Live tiles could be quite revolutionary on the next xbox!

    Ocarina of Time Nerd

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