Wrestlemania 29 follow up

So my buddy called WWE today to complain about the fact that although he paid $60 to watch the PPV streaming via WWE.com he couldn’t watch any of it due to the fact that the server apparently crashed. Well the customer service response he received was that they will not be issuing any refunds for anyone affected, but rather they extended access through the rest of the week.

Are you kidding me? You pay $60 to watch a live event and you can’t watch it due to the servers being down and all you get is the ability to watch it the rest of the week? First of all the results are already out, second of all it’s already on The Pirate Bay, and thirdly we already watched an illegal live stream of the event.

So will we be buying a WWE PPV again? No. It seems you’re better off streaming it illegally or pirating it.

Also, this guy exactly sums up my thoughts on the PPV:


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