How Wii U owners must feel


When my friend first decided he was going to buy a Wii U I tried everything to encourage him not to. The Wii was successful, but most gamers who owned Wii’s quickly tired of them and went back to their Xbox, Playstation or PC as their go to gaming device. No one was playing cross platform games on the Wii, and no one in the right mind is doing the same on the Wii U (unless for some strange reason a person’s only console is the Wii U, then they’re just screwed).

This video is how I imagine most Wii U owner’s are feeling right now. They keep saying “When the games come so will the gamers” but the games aren’t coming. Unless Mario and Zelda excite you more than anything else in the world the Wii U should not be a console you are excited to own. It most likely is something you regret owning and even if you wanted to sell it no one’s buying.


One comment

  1. Chris Richards · April 27, 2013

    Yeah…failed is right. You don’t hear anywhere near the hype you did when Wii came out. Fail number 1 was keeping the same name. Normal folks just don’t get that it’s different.

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