Can’t miss MAC deal! Name your own price for 10 apps

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LockerGnome / Chris Pirillo present the ‘name your own price Mac bundle, 2.0’ where you can get $399 worth of map apps for whatever you’d like to pay. Pay at least the average price ($8.69 as of this post) and you get all ten apps (if you choose to pay less than that you’ll only get a handful of them).

The two apps that stood out to me are Crossover 12 which allows you to emulate Windows applications on your Mac and Snapz Pro X which allows you to record your screen. I run Windows 8 via BootCamp on my Mac but very seldom feel like booting to Windows. I’m hoping I can run some of my Windows games via Crossover, we’ll see. Snapz Pro will come in handy for recording gameplay videos as well.


Facebook moods

Facebook has now added a feature many MySpace users will remember, the ability to add a mood / listening to / drinking / eating / doing to your status updates.

So not only can you share what you’re thinking you can also share how you feel or what you’re doing while you’re thinking it.

Will this feature be good for Facebook, or is it just more senseless and useless information? Will you use it? For every post, or just occasionally?

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How Wii U owners must feel


When my friend first decided he was going to buy a Wii U I tried everything to encourage him not to. The Wii was successful, but most gamers who owned Wii’s quickly tired of them and went back to their Xbox, Playstation or PC as their go to gaming device. No one was playing cross platform games on the Wii, and no one in the right mind is doing the same on the Wii U (unless for some strange reason a person’s only console is the Wii U, then they’re just screwed).

This video is how I imagine most Wii U owner’s are feeling right now. They keep saying “When the games come so will the gamers” but the games aren’t coming. Unless Mario and Zelda excite you more than anything else in the world the Wii U should not be a console you are excited to own. It most likely is something you regret owning and even if you wanted to sell it no one’s buying.



We saw 42 on Friday. 42 tells the tale of the first black MLB player, Jackie Robinson. The movie is absolutely wonderful. It’s sad, scary, upsetting and incredibly moving throughout the two hour tale. The acting is great throughout and Harrison Ford plays his character very well.

The film’s scenery is incredible and it really helps bring the viewer into the late 1940’s baseball scene. There are many heavy, hard to watch moments in the movie but there are just as many lighthearted, heartwarming moments to balance it out and you’ll certainly leave the theater with a smile on your face. I highly recommend you see this movie, I loved it.

Recently Watched: Dark Skies



I finally managed to watch Dark Skies this past weekend and I have to say it was a decently scary movie. Overall it wasn’t as scary as a Paranormal Activity movie (due mainly to a slow start and set up) but it had a few moments that were definitely on par with those movies. The conclusion was a bit strange but it worked and made for a thrilling end to a pretty decent movie. Would I recommend making a trip to the movies to see it? Not exactly, but it’d be worth a trip to the cheap theater, or a DVD rental a few months down the road.