Steam Summer Sale so far

The 2013 Steam Summer Sale is nearly over. With just two days of deals left I find myself having just over $10 left of the $50 I allotted for the sale. Lately, however I haven’t found much of anything worth purchasing.

So far I picked up NBA 2k13 (so far my favorite pickup of the sale), Alan Wake Franchise (Alan Wake + Alan Wake: American Nightmare), Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Poker Night 2 and Dirt 3. I have only played NBA 2k13 and Poker Night 2 so far and I enjoy both of them.

Collecting the Summer Sale trading cards was a bit of fun and I was able to complete my level 1 Summer Sale badge. The addition of trading cards in various games is also a welcome change which might just get me to play more games in my library that would otherwise sit untouched.

I’m hoping something pops up for under $10 that I can purchase, if not I may just pick up Magic 2014 which is not on sale but is $9.99.

How has your Summer Sale been so far?



  1. dylan · July 21, 2013

    Was 2k13 actually on sale or did you just get it for the already discounted price of $15.00?

    • jdh5153 · July 23, 2013

      It was on sale for something like $6 or $7

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