Three Days Grace / Otherwise 25 August at the Knitting Factory in Boise

Sunday night we saw Three Days Grace with Otherwise at the Knitting Factory in Boise and it was an awesome time. I’ve seen Three Days Grace a handful of times before in Pennsylvania, but this was my first concert since being stationed in Idaho. Otherwise was really awesome to see live and they put on an energetic performance that worked perfectly to excite the crowd for Three Days Grace.

Three Days Grace played an amazing show, which was a relief because I wasn’t sure how I’d like Matt Walst (the bassist’s brother who happens to front My Darkest Days) who took over on vocals after Adam left the band. He performed their songs superbly and put on an incredible show.


The joys of having “Cable”: We got DISH Network


Many people are proud to call themselves “cable cutters” and as time goes by it seems more and more are cutting cable. Netflix, Hulu and Crackle are great services but for awhile now Vanessa and I have been wanting to get cable. Sure there was plenty to watch on Netflix, but it was always a chore deciding what to watch. It would be nice to be able to throw something on, or channel surf.

We started looking into DISH and it seemed like the best option. So far it seems like we’ve made a great choice. We got the Hopper in the living room and the Joey receiver in the bedroom. The Hopper features three tuners, so we can live TV in the living room and the bedroom while DVR’ing one show, or watch live TV in one room while DVR’ing two concurrent shows. It also has the Primetime Anytime feature which only uses one tuner to DVR ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX all at once during primetime.

One of the most important features of DISH for me is the Dish Anywhere feature via the Hopper with Sling. With the hopper connected to our WiFi I can login to my account from anywhere and watch live TV or any show we’ve DVR’ed. It’s pretty cool to be able to login and watch anything when you’re on the go, or even over at a friends house.

The video is kind of low quality right now…Will have a 720p version up soon.

Below are some pictures and brief overviews of some of Dish’s features.


A look at the three tuners, watching CNN on the living room TV, Comedy Central on my iPad and recording Pink Floyd: The Wall.


With the Dish Anywhere app for the iPad you can watch any channel live and even program your DVR, from anywhere.


Watching a show from our DVR on the iPad


The Dish explorer app is another great iPad app which is essentially a TV guide app that’s socially connected. As you can see from the Facebook icon it will display shows your Facebook friends like (the number next to the icon shows how many friends like the given show).1208787_10104953896568454_72153368_n

The Hopper with Sling.

Green Classic Army Messenger Bag Review

I was looking for a new laptop bag and ended up buying this one on Amazon:

It was hard to get an idea of what it was like just from the one picture on the page so I figured I’d record a video and hopefully give people a better idea of what the bag is like. Personally I love it. It feels much better to carry around and I like the style much better than my old, simple black laptop bag.

League of Legends: My first Legendary

Last night I played League of Legends for the first time since April and had a pretty good game with Kayle (one of my favorite summoners) and ended up scoring my first ‘Legendary’ (8 kills without dying). Unfortunately I didn’t realize I was low on hard drive space so the video cuts out soon after the ‘God Like’. I ended up dying for the first time soon after scoring the Legendary, but we went on to win and I ended up going 10-3-4 (I pretty much sacrificed myself to take down a tower and their inhibitor for deaths 2 and 3).

Enjoyable game:

We’re The Millers



Yesterday Vanessa and I saw We’re The Millers. We both found the trailer quite hilarious every time we saw it, however this week I was a little put off by the number of negative reviews that appeared on Rotten Tomatoes (it currently has a 41% rating). We ended up seeing it anyway and I have to say it was quite enjoyable.

The movie is fun throughout and provides quite a few intense laughs, even if the trailers gave away most of them. There’s plenty to enjoy in this movie, and how could you not enjoy this:


; ) In the end I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a few laughs and enjoy an upbeat movie about a dysfunctional “family” trip.

Biking the Boise Greenbelt (video)

I picked up a Zéfal iPhone bike mount for $19.99 at Wal-Mart and shot some video on our ride on the Boise Greenbelt Sunday evening. The mount includes a rain proof case that will protect your iPhone from the elements and keep it quite sturdy which is great for shooting video. It includes some inserts that can be adjusted to fit either the iPhone 4/4S or the iPhone 5, and is pretty simple to assemble with the included allen wrench.



Pacific Rim / Biking Downtown Boise


Yesterday afternoon Vanessa and I biked to the Edwards Downtown Boise movie theater and saw Pacific Rim. I know I’m a few weeks late, but hey I still haven’t seen quite a few of this year’s summer blockbusters (Man of Steel, Wolverine, etc.). Overall I really enjoyed the movie. The action sequences are quite exciting and there’s always a lot going on on screen. It’s quite visually appealing and it will certainly get your adrenaline pumping. If you take time to ask questions, however, things can easily start to break down. Why are they fighting the dinosaurs (Kaiju) in hand to hand combat? If they have those powerful phaser cannons, why can’t they stand back and just bombard the creatures with those until they die? What about freaking laser beams? The monsters are made of flesh, why the hell aren’t they using swords? Laser swords? If these guys are military why do they have long hair?

544509_10104866542017674_2035941689_n 936514_10104866541853004_111317762_n

Anyway, almost any action movie will start to break down if you start asking questions, and I know the answer is “It’s just a freaking movie!”. Overall it was an enjoyable experience and I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

It’s been two weeks since I got my new road bike and I’m absolutely in love. It’s such an amazing feeling to leave the car at home and hop on a bike and ride anywhere in town. It’s great to smell the fresh air and feel the wind in your face as you cruise through the city enjoying the scenery. I’m really envious of those who live and work in the city. I’d love to bike to work on a daily basis. Unfortunately I work and live on an Air Force base and it’s just not the same (the scenery of course is quite lame).


I love the way the city looks and smells with no windshield separating myself and my surroundings. It’s incredibly refreshing and relaxing, and not having to navigate parking garages and pay to park is just another benefit.

I took a few pictures from our ride to and from the theater yesterday which you can find below.

1098343_10104866521493804_1858511328_n 1098421_10104866522017754_418760841_n 971578_10104867583121294_467608336_n 988296_10104867584089354_322129027_n 564236_10104867582517504_648680836_n27279_10104867582966604_1052633118_n531829_10104867583859814_1684453971_n994262_10104867583525484_1478986823_n    526992_10104867582781974_1119008582_n 282805_10104867584328874_1344435164_n1001572_10104867584748034_1182447428_n