Returning to World of Warcraft….again…

Today I played World of Warcraft for the first time in six months. I just got a random urge to play again, so I activated my account and logged in. I hit a level cap for the first time since I started playing WoW (which I believe was somewhere around 2007 or 2008). Every year around October the weather reminds me of the time I first tried WoW. One of the things that blew me away was the experience of taking down the Headless Horseman with a bunch of other players, all while inhaling the fresh autumn air through the window and munching on candy corn between classes in my sophomore year of college.

I’ve played on and off since then, but never got too into it. It’s fun to play here and there ,but I’m not one to play the game religiously or scientifically, with a bunch of add ons and crunching numbers, reading strategy guides and determining ‘proper’ class builds. I just play to play, that’s all. I’ve never done a proper raid. I did do a few of the Cataclysm raids via Raid Finder, but it was just a bunch of random people jumping into and out of the raid, many of them disinterested.

Anyway, here’s a gameplay video of my return to WoW:


Saying Goodbye to Breaking Bad

Last night was the series finale of one of my favorite shows: Breaking Bad. The finale was fitting for the series, but I have to say I had more fun watching seasons two and three than four and five. It was a fun ride and I enjoyed almost every moment (looking at you ‘fly’ episode!). Now maybe I’ll finally get around to finishing season three of Game of Thrones. Maybe that’ll end on a happier note ;).

Also last night brought the return of The Simpsons and Family Guy and both premieres were quite enjoyable. We’re also two weeks away from the return of The Walking Dead and I can’t wait!

I also DVR’ed the premiere of Showtime’s new show, Masters of Sex, but haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.

Returning to Red Dead Redemption after GTA V

Last night I played Red Dead Redemption for the first time in over a year. I was playing the mission where you escort a train and protect it from bandits and found it quite frustrating. About 5 minutes into the chase each time I would die in some sort of frustrating way and have to return to the beginning of the chase each time. 5 minutes doesn’t seem like very long, but repeating the same segment over and over makes it feel like forever. This is the same reason I gave up on GTA IV, I got stuck on the bank robbery mission and never felt like powering through it. I’m glad GTA V has the mission checkpoint system it does, hopefully it’ll make it easier to finish this game. I haven’t finished a Rockstar game since San Andreas.

-posted via iPad after 3 hours of sleep.

Music video of the moment: “Lust for Life” by Girls

I heard this song last week on ‘Ra Ra Riot Radio’ on iTunes radio and have been in love with it since. Great song and music video.

I hadn’t previously heard of the band Girls, and maybe you haven’t either so I’ll share a bit of information from their Wikipedia page. They formed in San Francisco in 2007 by two members, Christopher Owens (who spent most of his life growing up in the cult Children of God) and Chet “JR” White. They released two albums, Album (2009) and Father, Son, Holy Ghost before breaking up during the summer of 2012.

It’s unfortunate that they’re no longer together as I really enjoy their sound. Check it out:

Sunday Ticket Seahawks Stream is down (Now fixed)

If you’re watching DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket on a computer you’ll notice the Seattle Seahawks game is currently down (experience technical difficulties).

IMG_2518 IMG_2519

@Directv tweeted out a workaround to view the stream:

It works, fortunately. Having the closed captioning on the screen is annoying, but it’s better than missing the game entirely. Hopefully they get the regular stream fixed soon.

Go Seahawks!