Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been one of my favorite actors since I first saw (500) Days of Summer in theaters, so when I heard he wrote, directed and starred in the movie Don Jon I knew I’d want to see it.


This afternoon Vanessa and I saw Don Jon and we enjoyed it greatly. It tells the story of a man (Jon) who is obsessed with (and addicted to) internet porn and the “one way street” experience it offers (this becomes a theme of sorts in the movie). He’s practically able to have intercourse with any woman he wants on any given night, however nothing compares to the rush of internet porn. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the character Jon perfectly and offers plenty of laughs throughout the movie alongside the more serious struggle of Jon’s inability to understand the importance of a “two way street” relationship. Much like (500) Days of Summer Gordon Levitt’s character has grown by the close of the film, overcoming a variety of struggles and heartbreak on the way to a ‘feel good’ ending.

I definitely recommend Don Jon to anyone looking for a feel good movie.


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