The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Horribly boring

Tonight we watched The Haunting in Connecticut 2, and I have to say it is easily one of the most dull and ‘unscary’ (can’t really think of an actual word at the moment) horror movies I’ve seen in a long while. I should’ve known going in not to expect much as I’ve seen the first movie and can recall absolutely nothing about it. The movie seemed like it had promise at first, however it quickly began to bore me. None of the attempted scares hit their mark. Most of the movie is just cutting to scenes of spirits standing around doing very little haunting at all. What’s worse is the back story that gets filled in toward the end is a little too late (some of this being explained earlier, might have possibly made the location slightly creepy) and the ‘happily ever after’ ending to the movie was a major let down.

I can only hope we’ll find some better horror movies to watch as we go deeper into October. I’m really disappointed there’s not a Paranormal Activity movie this year.


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