New this week: The Wolf Among Us

Episode 1 of Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us arrived this past week for PC / Mac and XBLA, and will arrive on Tuesday on PSN. The gameplay will likely be familiar for anyone who played Telltale’s The Walking Dead which was widely considered to be one of the best games released last year and the one that popularized the episodic release game type. I honestly haven’t seen or read a lot about The Wolf Among Us, but I picked up the first episode on Xbox because of how much I loved The Walking Dead.

I have not finished episode 5 of The Walking Dead yet (or 400 Days for that matter) but I’m excited to give The Wolf Among us a try and maybe it’ll get me in the mood to finish TWD.

Have you played The Wolf Among Us? How is it? I’ll be sure to post some thoughts after I play through episode one, possibly later tonight.


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