My first PS3

I’ve never owned a PS3 and never wanted to, however as I mentioned yesterday, after seeing the Beyond Two Souls trailer I wanted one. I initially ordered one online from AAFES however it wasn’t going to ship for awhile, so I ended up driving back to base Sunday afternoon to pick one up (and I canceled the online order).

I just set everything up, downloaded all the updates and set up PS Plus (a one year subscription came with the bundle). I’m still figuring out how things work. I started downloading Saints Row The Third and Shadow of the Colossus via PS Plus and now I’m about to play Beyond Two Souls for the first time. It’s currently installing, but I’m quite excited to jump into the story.

IMG_2569 IMG_2570 IMG_2571



  1. afterdarkgaming · October 14, 2013

    Congrats on your new PS3. Let us know what you think of the system and play experience.

  2. orangerful · October 16, 2013

    Guess I’ll have to start following your blog to find out about those games, I am very interested in both. My poor PS3 is pretty much a glorified blu-ray player at this point because Xbox won that battle in my home. But I keep hearing such amazing things about these two exclusives!

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