I’m not enjoying The Last of Us

So I’m about an hour and a half into The Last of Us, and while I know that’s not very far, I’m already quite bored. First of all the ‘boost me up’ and ‘help me open this door’ parts of the game are annoying and slow the game down for no reason at all. Second of all, screw stealth games. I know you’re supposed to feel like ammo is scarce since it’s the end of the world and all, but I don’t want to waste my time trying to sneak around while throwing bricks and bottles around. I’m playing on easy so I’m able to shoot a little more often than otherwise possible, but the idea that I’m supposed to sneak around and throw bricks is annoying. Heck there’s more bricks than ammo. If ammo is really that scarce, then why when I run out in the open do all of the enemies just unload their clips on me?

Lastly, I’m not finding myself caring about any of the characters so far. I thought that and the feeling of helplessness were supposed to be the strong points of this game.

I’m seriously debating trading it in toward FIFA 14 or something I’d enjoy more.



  1. orangerful · October 16, 2013

    aw bummer! Sounds like it stumbles on some survival horror tropes. Curious to see if it gets any better…maybe I’ll wait and get it used.

    • jdh5153 · October 16, 2013

      It’s probably just me. I’m very impatient and have always hated games that rely on stealth. Therefore I either end up playing the game in a way it’s not meant to be played (ie running around just trying to shoot anyone I see) or quitting because I get frustrated.

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