Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts are a thing



I came across these at Target today and of course I was excited to try them out. I love just about every kind of Pop-Tart in existence (who doesn’t?) but one of my favorite seasonal flavors is the holiday sugar cookie variety. The pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts have a bit of a spicy taste to them which is unusual in a toaster pastry and is a little tough to like at first, but then you can begin to taste the pumpkin pie which makes the initial spice easier to digest.

I have to say the sugar cookie Pop-Tarts are still my favorite, what’s yours?


One comment

  1. orangerful · October 29, 2013

    I haven’t dabbled much in the more advanced Pop Tart flavors, hard to find anything that beats cherry flavor. Though I’m not tempted to try the pumpkin pie…sounds like it would be a nice treat on a Monday morning with a cup of tea.

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