What a game! (Ravens – Vikings)


I was certain I was going to have a heart attack 4 times in the last two minutes of the game. There were 5 TD’s scored in the last 2:05 of the game! Just when I thought the Ravens were out of it Jacoby Jones ran back a 79 yard kick return for a TD, which was answered by a 79 Vikings passing TD… In the end Joe Flacco threw a TD pass with 4 seconds left on the clock and I could finally exhale.

The Ravens have a tough schedule ahead, I’m hoping they can finish off with another win or two to have a good chance at making the playoffs. In another close game the Patriots just went up 27-26 over the Browns with 31 seconds remaining. Today is an exciting day in the NFL, and the 49’ers – Seahawks game is sure to be another exhilarating game.


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