Realized I’ve only finished one book since college

Cuckoos Calling

I’ve come to the realization that since I graduated with a BA in English in 2010 I’ve only finished one book. That book, Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. It had me hooked, every chapter seemed to end on a cliffhanger and I had to read on to figure out what was really going on. And just when I thought I had it figured out, I was wrong. Maybe I need another book like that?

I started reading JK Rowling’s ghost written The Cuckoo’s Calling about six months ago, and though I enjoyed it, I still haven’t finished it (I’m on page 431 on iBooks on my MacBook). I also have about 30 other books in my iBooks library that I’ve either read a page or two of or haven’t opened.

Part of it might be that I no longer have my iPad which I’d use to read in bed (I had intended to get an iPad Air but ended up with an Xbox One instead). Even then I’d get distracted by Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, CNN or several other apps or websites. Yet I can’t find myself ever wanting to touch a paper book again. I just don’t like physical media. I subscribe to the New York Times but read it via the Chrome app (which is nice because it’s still laid out like a newspaper). Paper books and newspapers are just an unecessary waste of resources. Same goes for DVDs, Blu-Rays, etc. Why waste all that plastic when you can just go digital?

iBooks for Mac

Anyway, enough ranting. Maybe I’ll finish one of these books while I’m on vacation. I don’t mind reading on my MacBook (I love that Mavericks included iBooks) but again I can’t force myself to sit still long enough to focus on just one task.


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