Manually installing an Xbox One update

Today the “Titanfall” Xbox One update was released which brings with it a ton of welcome changes (party system updates, friends system updates, twitch live streaming and much more). Since I’m spending a few weeks at my dad’s house on leave I was worried I’d have to scramble and find somewhere to go in order to download the update on my Xbox. He has Hughe’s Net in the house which has a 5gb monthly bandwidth limit and I’ve been using my iPhone as a hotspot to play Call of Duty and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare online.

Xbox One system update

Luckily, I discovered it is possible to manually update your Xbox One using a USB thumb drive. All you have to do is follow the instructions over at the Xbox Support website. Basically you download a zip file, extract it onto a NTFS thumb drive, plug the drive into one of the Xbox One’s USB ports and hold the bind and eject button down for 15 seconds as you turn the console on. After the Xbox makes the power up noise twice you can let go and the update will install.

Xbox One controller update

That’s it! Now my console is up to date with 6.2.10698.0 firmware. It was quite easy and painless. I downloaded the firmware at the library and installed it when I got home. For whatever reason Xbox Support does not recommend updating in this manner, but if you have limited access to internet or limited bandwidth I’d say go ahead and update manually. I didn’t run into any issues.


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