The Elder Scrolls Online so far

Hey there, it’s been pretty busy at work lately as we get ready to deploy this summer so I haven’t gotten around to blogging much. I’ll try to post more as I can. Anyway, against all common sense I found myself wanting to buy The Elder Scrolls Online and ended up buying it yesterday. Most of the reviews call it mediocre at best and most users have nothing good at all to say about the game. For whatever reason I bought it anyway…Maybe when it goes free to play (when, not if) they’re reward the people who bought it early on. If not, oh well at least it’s something new to check out.

I played for about 45 minutes so far and streamed it to Twitch so figured I’d share my progress so far.


One comment

  1. hypathetically · April 27, 2014

    Thank you for posting this. I’m still contemplating purchase. I have a much better “feel” for the game now. 🙂

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