Worth Reading: “The End of Food” (The New Yorker)

I read another interesting article in The New Yorker yesterday. “The End of Food” by Lizzie Widdicombe details the interesting story of how Soylent, what might be the food of the future, came to be. Soylent is something comparable to a protein shake, yet it contains seemingly all of the nutrients your body needs to survive. Technically you can ingest nothing but Soylent and survive. One of the main appeals of Soylent, described in the article, is that you no longer have to spend time preparing and eating food. You can sip on Soylent throughout the day and remain full and satisfied. Therefore you can continue working and staying on the go without ever having to stop and focus solely on eating.

It’s certainly an interesting idea. I haven’t tried Soylent, but I’d be interested in giving it a shot. You can get 7 bags of Soylent (which will provide around 21 meals) for $85, or $70 a month if you subscribe. There’s also the option to purchase in 14 and 28 bag quantities.

Soylent website

The website is pretty sleek looking, as is the packaging. I recommend reading the article in The New Yorker and then heading over to Soylent.me to check the product out.


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