Hour 2 of Destiny (Xbox One): Why is there no social?

So I played through another hour and a half of Destiny last night and there are a few things I’m not quite liking. There definitely needs to be some sort of fire team matchmaking implemented, where other people on the same mission can jump into a random fire team as opposed to completing the mission alone (which is an absolutely boring and overly difficult way to play the game). I’ve tried randomly spamming fire team invites to everyone I see in the world and no one ever accepts. And there’s no way to chat with anyone in the game, so there’s no way to ask anyone if they even want to party up for a mission.

Why the heck did Bungie create a game that relies on working together and socializing in the world, and limit all social interaction to three buttons (point, wave and dance). You cannot voice or text chat with anyone in the world… So why even have other people show up at the Tower (which in any other game would be the main social hub of the game).

The shooting in Destiny is solid, but all of what should make Destiny a unique experience is severely underdeveloped.


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