Fantasia: Music Evolved is more fun than I expected


Yesterday I rented Fantasia: Music Evolved (Xbox One) with very little in mind other than to use it as a background activity while having some beers. It turns out to be more fun than I initially expected, which is a pleasant surprise. Coming from Harmonix (of Rock Band fame) I guess I should’ve known up front it would be a quality experience, but Fantasia never really ended up on my radar.

The first thing I noticed about Fantasia is that it seems quite responsive and not at all unpleasant to play (something the 360’s Kinect was somewhat notorious for). Performing the motions feels smooth and enjoyable, and I can’t get enough sweep cues and punch cues. I just enjoy doing the hand motions. The visuals are also pretty superb, and I absolutely love the effects on screen as you perform.

I apologize for the rough cut between songs in the clip above, it’s a bit jarring. 

I’m quite early in the game and it’s not overly challenging, but I assume the performances can be made to be more complex as you progress further into the game. I haven’t yet been able to check out the multiplayer mode and I haven’t unlocked composition spells yet, but I’m excited to dive deeper into the Fantasia experience. I’m just hoping we’ll continue to see some quality Kinect games now that Microsoft has unbundled the Kinect.

If you’re looking for a fun family friendly Kinect experience this holiday season, I highly recommend checking out Fantasia: Music Evolved. If you want some more great Kinect experiences, both Just Dance 2015 and Dance Central Spotlight make for an enjoyable time.


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  1. hutchwp · December 7, 2014

    I had varying joy with the Kinect, depending on the space and lighting of the area. In my new house it works like a dream, but I’ve had it since launch date and something you have to wait several years to enjoy and only then when it has become obsolete is never going to be a winner.

    I’ve heard much better things about the Xbox One Kinect. I was tempted to buy but now that it has become unbundled I’m having second thoughts as new games will become limited.

    Great article by the way.

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