Originally posted on my other blog, BoiseLife.City.


Bardenay is located in the Basque Block in Boise and is known for being the “first US restaurant distillery”. I ate there for the first time yesterday and I have to say I was quite impressed.

The first thing you’ll notice upon entering the restaurant is the amazing atmosphere. It’s clean, spacious and welcomes you in from the beautiful streets of the Basque Block. The floor is very open and the high ceilings and brick walls make for a unique environment compared to most other restaurants.


The next thing you’ll likely notice is the amazing smells! All of the food floating around the restaurant smells amazing. It was incredibly difficult to decide what to have for lunch because everything around us looked and smelled delicious!

As you take your seat your eye will probably catch sight of the beautiful distillery, shiny and tall behind panes of glass. It’s quite an impressive sight!


I finally decided on the Grilled Chorizo Sandwich, and I’m glad I did! It looked, smelled and tasted incredibly delicious! I had never eaten chorizo before and I’m glad the sandwich at Bardenay was my first experience because I can’t imagine anything tasting better. Served with a side of delicious sweet potato fries the lunch was great! It’s also worth noting the service was superb and the entire experience was wonderful!


I highly recommend Bardenay in Boise, where you’re greeted by friendly staff, a great environment and amazing food and drinks. Give it a try!


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