First Listen: Marilyn Manson’s “The Pale Emperor”


Marilyn Manson’s new album, The Pale Emperor is out today. The album is his first since 2012’s Born Villain, and is an attempt to revitalize his sound, as described in the recent New York Times article “A Dark Prince Steps Into the Light” (Melena Ryzik).

The album starts off with “Killing Strangers”a slow and brooding track that sounds familiar, although I can’t quite place it (sounds like it’d be at home on The High End of Low).

After a quick first listen, the album is calmer than most and more reflective than angry, possibly a result of the aging artist (at 46 years old). I’m certainly liking the instrumentals on the album, however nothing is really standing out as a particularly strong song. The album ending, “Odds of Even” stands alongside “Killing Strangers” as my favorites so far, but I think The High End of Low will continue to be my favorite of the modern Marilyn Manson albums.

Have you listened to the album yet (available on Spotify and at various digital outlets)? What do you think?


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