Redbox now has Xbox One and PS4 games at more locations

I was browsing Redbox this evening and was surprised to find they now offer Xbox One and PS4 games. Redbox had been testing out the current gen rentals in select locations, but out here in rural Pennsylvania there are several kiosks now offering rentals for those systems.

The rentals are a tad pricey, at $3 a day, however that price point might work for someone who can finish a game in a binge session, or maybe for someone who just wants to give a game a try. I use Gamefly for most of my gaming rentals, however I might be tempted to grab something from a Redbox once or twice.

Have you rented a game from Redbox yet? What do you think of the pricing?



  1. justme0486 · March 13, 2015

    I have yet to see any ps4 games at the redbox by me(I am in southern CA) and my dad checks redbox often because he loves to rent movies. I would be willing to use to try out a game, I will post again here to let you know if I ever find any games near me.

  2. jonathan hirt · March 26, 2015

    Yeah I saw them out in Pennsylvania, but once I got back out here to Idaho I haven’t found any. I thought seeing them in rural PA was a sure sign they must have expanded everywhere, but I guess not!

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