Mortal Kombat X’s overly difficult tutorial


I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with Mortal Kombat X on the Xbox One, even though I’m generally terrible at fighting games. I don’t have the best coordination and can never rattle off button combos fast enough. Heck, most of the matches I’ve played so far I’ve just spammed Raiden’s kick following up with a dive kick and it’s worked well enough. I’ve only won a singular ranked match, but I consider that a triumph on its own.

Mortal Kombat X’s tutorial, however, has frustrated the heck out of me. I wanted to play through it last night in order to earn the achievement for doing so, but once I started getting into the combos I could not progress any further. No matter how hard I tried, none of the combos would work. My thumbs were aching as I spent at least 45 minutes on the combo section alone, failing again and again. I searched around and found that some people had some success by tweaking some of the gameplay options (such as the release check toggle) but this didn’t help me at all.

Ultimately, out of extreme frustration, I decided to skip through the rest of the tutorial. And guess what? You get the achievement anyway, even if you skip through the entire tutorial! That would have been nice to know beforehand!! I could have been enjoying the good parts of the game instead of wasting time on a tutorial that taught my absolutely nothing. But hey, at least I got the achievement!

Mortal Kombat X That's how you do it



  1. Ashley Hagood · April 26, 2015

    That sounds frustrating. I’m gonna play this soon, I haven’t played any Mortal Kombat games before so while the tutorial should be helpful, it’s good to know I can skip it if it gets tricky for me. Sometimes learning as you go in a game is best!

    • jonathan hirt · April 26, 2015

      Yeah, you can access the move list for your character from the pause menu at any time (at least in offline matches) so that’s probably the best way to pick things up.

  2. jay · December 26, 2015

    so glad i read this article!!

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