The Screen Savers is back!

the screen savers

The Screen Savers ran from 1998 on ZDTV (which became TechTV) until 2005 after it was essentially dumbed down and killed off by G4. This led to the departure of Leo Laporte who soon after started what is today one of the most popular technology podcast networks around, TWiT (This Week in Tech). The TWiT Network launched the very first episode of the successor to The Screen Savers, called The New Screensavers, hosted by Leo Laporte featuring special guest Patrick Norton.

the new screen savers

I’m beyond excited for the return of quality tech oriented ‘television’ featuring the best personalities in tech! Leo Laporte is absolutely a blast to listen to every week on This Week in Tech and The Tech Guy, and I can’t wait to start watching him on The New Screensavers! Be sure to head over to the TWiT network and check it out!

TechTV was one of the most enjoyable channels on cable, featuring intelligent and educational tech oriented programming. Luckily, Leo kept the spirit of TechTV alive with TWiT which continues to expand its programming, offering something for just about anyone. The TWiT Network is incredibly successful, with its flagship podcast seeing over five million monthly downloads while the network is expected to make around $7 million in 2015. Leo and the rest of the TWiT staff work incredibly hard producing quality content every day of the week, and I’m certainly glad the network is as successful as it is.


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