A look at the newer 3DS Streetpass features

Not too long ago Nintendo rolled out some new content for 3DS streetpass users to enjoy. Streetpass is one of my favorite features on the 3DS (or 2DS in my case) so I was pretty excited to check out the new features.

First up is a $4.99 upgrade that adds a couple of features to the streetpass experience.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.10.18 PM

The upgrade allows you to collect the birthdays of the Mii’s you meet via streetpass (in the form of month and day only). When you great Mii’s at your Plaza Gate they’ll now mention their birthday (if they’re sharing that information) and you’re challenged to collect a birthday for every day of the year. At first look this seemed pretty cool, as I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the people I StreetPass with. It would be interesting if the year were included to get an idea of the age variation of all the Mii’s you’ve collected, but I can’t imagine Nintendo including such a feature.

For your $5 what else do you get? Well you can now hold the shoulder button to make Mii’s move faster at the start of StreetPass games, and you can permanently save Mii’s to your VIP room if you want them to stick around forever. Ultimately the $5 purchase isn’t really worth it, unfortunately I got excited and bought it before realizing it wasn’t valuable. I honestly believe Nintendo should’ve included this updated functionality for free and I’m quite puzzled as to why they decided to charge for something that is equivalent to a patch.

battleground z, ultimate angler

Nintendo also introduced two new premium StreetPass games: Battleground Z and Ultimate Angler. They’re $4.99 each or $7.99 if purchased together. Since I enjoy fooling around with StreetPass I ended up buying them together.

The first thing I can say is that both of these games are much more time consuming than Find Mii or Puzzle Swap. So far that’s not necessarily a terrible thing, but I could see the tasks getting tedious in the long run.

In Battleground Z you collect Mii’s who are equipped with a weapon based on their interests (for example a Mii that enjoys playing video games wields a Wii controller as a weapon). You’ll then be tasked with defending an area from a zombie invasion. You’ll be able to find the Mii’s you’ve StreetPassed hanging around and they’ll either join you or give you their weapon to use. Each of the weapons functions differently, however I haven’t yet really needed to collect more than one weapon to finish a task.

battleground z 3ds

I’ve had a decent amount of fun with Battleground Z and I like how it populates leaderboards with those you’ve StreetPassed. I’m not sure how enjoyable the game will be in the long run, but for now it’s not bad.

Ultimate Angler is also a little more demanding if your attention than the other StreetPass games. You’ll collect bait from Mii’s you StreetPass and are tasked with catching certain fish in a given area. Each type of fish is attracted to a different type of bait and you can mix baits to create advanced baits that will attract larger fish.

ultimate angler 3ds bait

ultimate angler 3ds

You cast your line and wait for a fish to bite and you’ll then have to hook it and reel it in. You can reel with the touch screen or by cycling the analog stick (I find the latter to be much easier) and the difficulty of the process will depend on the size of the fish. You generally want to let the line run when the fish is fighting and reel when the fish is resting. If you reel too hard your line can break, however if you’re not making enough progress the fish will escape.

ultimate angler 3ds

Ultimate Angler has also been somewhat enjoyable, but it is quite repetitive and I’m not sure if I’ll end up playing it too much longer.

ultimate angler 3ds

ultimate angler 3ds

Have you checked out the new 3DS StreetPass games? What do you think of them?



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