Trying to avoid The Witcher 3’s save glitch on Xbox One


If you haven’t heard, those playing The Witcher 3 on the Xbox One have been susceptible to a nasty glitch that can make your saved game unusable. If you fall victim to the glitch you can no longer save your game and will have to start over from the start (or possibly a previous save, though you’ll still likely lose hours of progress).

It seems the glitch is caused by putting the game into suspend mode and then trying to resume it later. I use suspend mode all the time, and it’s incredibly convenient. Luckily I hadn’t used the feature before I found out about this glitch yesterday.

Since then I’ve been playing scared. I feel like I’m constantly looking over my shoulder, just waiting for the game to screw me over. So far I’ve managed to avoid running into the glitch, and hopefully I stay safe until it’s patched.

When I finish playing I save the game and then quit to the menu of the game. From there I hit the home button and then manually close The Witcher 3 (select it, press start and select quit). I’ve also been keeping multiple save files, though I do that with most RPGs anyway. Hopefully this process keeps my save files safe until the bug is fixed!

Have you been hit with the glitch? Are you avoiding playing until it’s fixed?


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