The Witcher 3 makes Dragon Age hard to return to

Dragon Age Inquisition talking

I was, like most people, incredibly excited when Dragon Age: Inquisition was released last Fall. As much as I enjoyed it, however, I never got around to finishing it. After awhile the whole idea of having to grind boring missions to get enough ‘Power’ to advance to story started to get on my nerves. Before too long I stopped playing Dragon Age altogether, after getting something like two-thirds through the game.

Now that I’ve been playing The Witcher 3 I started to wonder if I should dive back into Dragon Age again, especially while waiting for the save game glitch to be fixed. Last night I decided to do just that, and give Dragon Age another try.

It didn’t take long to realize why I stopped playing in the first place. I needed 30 Power to advance the story, and I had 10. Therefore I just picked a random place and started running around the map knocking out missions, closing rifts, etc. I spent an hour just grinding through points on the map with hardly any dialogue or anything to keep me interested in the story.

One mission was particularly annoying. Rocky Rescue in Emprise du Lion completely crushed any desire I had to continue playing Dragon Age. In the mission you have to run around a quarry fighting Red Templars and freeing imprisoned villagers. The problem is there’s a small cutscene that plays every time you have your rogue open a prison cell. It takes at least five seconds with a fade to black before you’re given control of your character again. Having to sit through this seven times was excrutiating.

Dragon Age rocky rescue

It took about twenty minutes, if not longer, to complete this mission which grants you only 2 Power (or 4 considering you’re likely to complete ‘Red Captors’ in the process) which means I still needed 16 Power to advance the story. During my time in Emprise du Lion I managed to net 10 Power while spending about an hour to and hour and a half running around the world completing random, hardly exciting tasks.

My time with The Witcher 3 so far has been much more enjoyable. The open world is more captivating than Dragon Age’s, and most of the side missions so far have been much more enjoyable, featuring unique characters and dialogue throughout. The combat is also much more enjoyable, and all in all Dragon Age feels more like a lonely MMORPG where you hold down RT and grind pointless quests while The Witcher feels like a refined, epic RPG that promises to be enjoyable for hours to come.The witcher 3 scenery

I’m looking forward to seeing where else The Witcher 3 will take me. It’s been a beautiful experience so far!



  1. Prof.mcstevie · May 24, 2015

    DA:I really does hit a single player MMO experience, the world just doesn’t feel as well built as the Witchers.

  2. justme0486 · May 26, 2015

    I am a big Dragon Age nerd and I have had to start over 3 times(I am currently working on my last try if I mess up again I will give up) because of power issues(opening levels that I wasn’t the right level for). I personally love the Dragon Age mythology and the characters however the story just feels lacking for me personally plus I would have liked to have seen more of my choices from DA 1&2(I imported from the keep) have made more difference in Dragon Age Inquisition.

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