The Samsung Galaxy S6 and signal issues

I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S6 a few weeks ago (from the S5) mainly because I really liked the slicker style of the phone, compared to the plastic and cheap feeling S6. The phone is definitely well made, has a wonderful camera and some cool features (I particularly enjoy the wireless charging), however there has been a major issue that makes the phone nearly unusable.

I find that my phone is constantly getting an incredibly weak signal in places where I previously had a strong LTE signal. At random times my phone will go from LTE to 4G, to E and to no signal at all in a matter of seconds. Once this happens I’ll have zero signal for a very long time (as long as an hour!). I try turning on airplane mode and turning it back off and at times my phone will try to get a 4G signal but even if it says 4G or LTE I still can’t connect to the internet or send messages. I’ve tried restarting my phone, and again I still don’t regain a signal.

Yesterday I even tried a factory reset (against better judgement as getting my phone back up and running was a pain, especially since it made me factory reset my Gear S watch as well) and it didn’t help at all.

I’ve found reports of many other users experiencing the same issue across all of the major carriers, so I know this isn’t just an AT&T issue. I’ve also read that many have contacted customer support and haven’t really been helped, though some report being told it’s an issue on Samsung’s end that could be fixed with an update (let’s hope that’s true!).

I haven’t contacted customer service yet myself, but if this persists I’m definitely going to give them a call this week to see what’s going on.

Have you experienced these issues on the Galaxy S6? Have you found any way of fixing it?


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