First Listen: urbeats (Beats by Dre)


I’ve needed a new pair of earbuds for awhile. The Samsung earbuds that came with my Galaxy S6 started acting strangely months ago. After about ten minutes of being plugged into my phone they would somehow cause my phone to do things on its own, such as adjust the volume all the way down and back up again over and over, or pause my music or even open apps. I’d often have to unplug and replug them in while running which was quite annoying. They also weren’t very comfortable and would always fall out of my ears.

I was going to pick up a pair of Apple’s EarPods for $29 at the Bx here, however I started looking at the Beats by Dre urbeats, which were priced at $79. Beats headphones tend to have a mixed reputation. Most people who own a pair swear by them, but almost everyone else will tell you that they’re popular only because of their brand. Each position is probably true in some sense, and I’m glad I bought my Bose SoundTrue headphones over a pair of Beats last year, but I’ve never really been opposed to the brand like so many are.

I figured the discounted price (down from $99) was enough to give the urbeats a shot. I’ve put them in a few minutes ago and so far I’m quite impressed. The packaging is wonderfully designed, which is always a plus. Opening the box was enjoyable, and everything was neatly positioned within.

urbeats box

urbeats packaging

Once I selected the best fitting eartips and inserted the earbuds into my ear I found them to fit better than any earbuds I’ve ever owned. They do a great job of isolating outside noise and the sound is much richer than anything I’ve experienced from an earbud. They don’t have the same quality is my Bose SoundTrue headphones, but they seem to have more bass which should make running to a beat more enjoyable. I’m fairly certain they’ll filter out the sound of treadmill quite well, however I won’t know for sure until I put them to the test at the gym tomorrow morning.

I can tell that they’ll stay in my ears better not only while running, but also while listening to music while falling asleep. Every night I’d have to struggle to keep my Samsung earbuds in my ears while lying down, but the urbeats should fix that issue. They not only fit well, but they’re extremely comfortable and it feels as if I don’t even have anything in my ears which is a plus. I’m certainly a fan so far and am glad I made the purchase.



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