Testing out the New 3DS XL with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D


The transition from a 2DS to the New 3DS XL has been like transitioning to an entirely different platform. Technically the games are the same, but the larger screen makes a huge difference. I’m not sure how I managed playing on the 2DS for so long. To truly put the new hardware to the test, however, I decided I should check out Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, one of the games that only runs on the new hardware.

As you know, I’ve only recently been introduced to the Xenoblade series with Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U (I’m only about three or four hours into that game) but I’ve liked what I’ve played so far. Therefore I was excited to check out the previous game on the New 3DS.

From the start I was incredibly impressed. The game features some truly wonderful music, and the story is exciting so far. The combat system was easy to get a grip on, as it’s very similar to Xenoblade Chronicle X’s combat.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

I really like the presentation of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. The menus look very crisp, and the bottom screen is useful, featuring a minimap and crucial information about your party.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3d menus

I’m very early on in the game, but I can definitely see myself sinking many hours into it.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D metal face

The game looks pretty darn good on the New 3DS, and the use of the c stick further justifies the upgrade. It’s crazy to think that the 3DS never had a second analog stick until now! I’ve also been impressed with the faster load times on the New 3DS and I can’t wait to see what else Nintendo brings to the beefier hardware!


One comment

  1. Gman · January 19, 2016

    I have been enjoying the hell out of my New 3ds. Personally, this is what Nintendo should have released. Need to make time to play Xenoblade.

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