Patrick Klepek’s informative look at piracy and The Witness

One of my favorite gaming personalities, Patrick Klepek (of Kotaku and formerly Giant Bomb) recently posted an interesting and informative look at the world of video game piracy and how it is affecting the popular new game The Witness. The video is only five minutes long but Patrick goes over a lot of information and touches on both sides of the issue. Definitely worth a watch!

I’ll admit, I’ve dabbled in piracy over the years, but as digital storefronts have gotten better and easier to use, I’ve actually found it more of a hassle to pirate anything these days. Time is money, and the process of buying a digital product is so easy these days that it’s not even worth the hassle of trying to save a few bucks. Besides the ease of use issue, I’ve found it more rewarding to actually support those who work hard to entertain us. I like seeing my iTunes movie collection grow, and as much as I love video games, I couldn’t even think of robbing a hard working developer, potentially deterring them from continuing to make high quality games.

Please don’t pirate!


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