It’s been slow here

Hey I just wanted to pop in and apologize for the lack of writing that I’ve been doing lately. I’m still deployed, with about two months until I’m out of here, so you can expect it to be slow until I get back in the states. I’ve been focusing more of my free time on working out lately, and although I’ve still played video games I have less time to write about them.

I downloaded Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam for the 3DS the other night and am looking forward to spending time with it soon. It’ll be my first Mario & Luigi game, and I’ve heard some good things about it.

Rocket League released on the Xbox One today, and I can’t wait to play it after work today! I played a bit on the PC but I’m sure I’ll have a lot more fun on the Xbox.

Other than that I’ve been getting back into Destiny, doing strikes with a friend here as he worked his way up to level 40. I’m still looking forward to checking out the new raid, but it won’t be until I get back stateside.

I’ll have more to post soon, I promise!


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